Zach’s List | What Men Really Want for Christmas

December 13, 2010

Finding the perfect gift for that special guy in your life can be a daunting task and one that can really stress a girl out if she doesn’t know where to start. I am not the expert on what men really want, especially not for Christmas, which is why I turned to several of my guy friends who epitomize style, class and the ultimate gentleman. I asked each guy to give me a list of items they are coveting this holiday season.

I asked my friend Zach for his Christmas wish list because he is a taste maker. He’s a Southern boy with the heart of gold. Zach loves the outdoors, technology, working out and of course spending time with his friend when he has a few hours of downtime, which is rare. He usually loves to unwind after work, catching up on his shows after working out of course. He is very picky about clothes and accessories so I  would be apprehensive about getting him something he might not wear.

This financier has one big item on his Christmas wish list,  an LED LCD television, which I will be taking full advantage of once he receives it.  The clothes and Chuck Bass will probable end up coming out of that television and into your living room on this 55-inch television. I love the idea of getting a guy some more video games for his Wii, Xbox or Playstation system. Just make sure you negotiate some “together time” sans video game.

Apple iPad, $729 – Apple Store
Salvatore Ferragamo Ties, $160 – Bloomingdale’s
Sony LED-backlit LCD Television, $2,600 – Best Buy

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