Uplifted: Finding the Perfect Bra at Wacoal Lingerie Preview

November 30, 2010

I have a confession! I didn’t know my brassiere size until last month. Sure I’ve been measured for a bra before, but that was in 11th grade, when my mom took me to Nordstrom to get a new one.  I usually wore sports bras in high school because of soccer and gym class and didn’t feel the need to get a proper bra until college.  Even then, I just picked a few sizes at Victoria’s Secret and bought the one that fit the best. I didn’t really know my true bra size, not until I went to the Wacoal Lingerie preview and decided to get fitted.
I got a rude awakening when the bra specialist told me I was not only the wrong cup size – two upgrades.  My bust size had also gone up. I felt so guilty neglecting one of my most precious assets. I tried on a few of the Wacoal full coverage bras to find the perfect bra to fit my lifestyle and closet. The Retro Chic Full Figure Underwire Bra was smooth, comfortable and sexy.  I loved the way it felt, especially when I tried it under the wrap dress I was wearing.  I also tried a few contouring bras and found them to be perfect for V-neck dresses and t-shirts.
There are many advantages of wearing the right size bra. Not only do your clothes fit and hang better, you also stand a lot taller because you aren’t being hinged forward with excessive weight. Wearing the wrong bra is unhealthy. You risk back and shoulder pains as well as chaffing and breast sagging.
Wacoal is definitely a new lingerie favorite. Their collection of bras, panties and shape wear are exceptional with great fit being number one. The Japanese brand uses innovative technology to create seamless and refined under garments for women and the price point is reasonable as well.  Most bras retail for an average of $56.
Aside from walking away with the realization that I’d been wearing the wrong bra size for almost five years, I also discovered that women need different bras in their bra wardrobe. Seamed, seamless, contour, minimizers, push-up and strapless bras are just a few of the brassiere lingo that should be adopted into any woman’s fashion vocabulary. My advice to women this holiday season is to start the new year off in the right direction by getting fitted at any department store while doing your holiday shopping. It will be the best thing you ever did for yourself.


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