Trend Alert | Stars in Stripes

September 20, 2010

Mother always told us never to wear horizontal stripes, as she believed they only added weight and bulkiness to the female frame. This may have been one of the very few pieces of advice in which she was mistaken.

Sorry, ma, but horizontal stripes are everywhere this season. From the street to the runway, women are breaking out this trend with grace and style. We’re finding stripes looking anything but frumpy as they are rocked by celebrities and common folk alike. We borrowed inspiration from some of our favorite banded babes to seek our our favorite striped pieces for fall.

Claudia Schiffer looks flawless in striped tops

Kate Moss giving a bit of edge to the trend

Glamazon’s favorite striped looks

We love all of the above items for fall. Stripes tend to look best when the color combination is limited to two. We prefer dark colors, such as navy, black, and red, but an unexpected contrast such as yellow or army green could create a fun and unique look. Two pieces of advice to fashionistas braving the trend:

  • Only wear one striped item at a time. Be it your bag, your scarf, your top, or your skirt (how adorable would this Pleasure Doing Business number look with a a solid, flowing top?), limit your bands to one portion of your body.
  • Try to keep other pieces neutral. A loudly patterned bottom with a striped top takes the flair away from both .

We love the casual vibe this trend exudes, and can’t wait to try in on the D.C streets!

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