Calling All Pale Skin: B. Bronz® Airbrush Tanning

September 30, 2010

Monday night during one of Manhattan’s soggiest evenings in recent memory, I ventured over to the London Hotel for a delightful pick-me-up. B. Bronz® tanning system founder Kelly Richardson, along with her assistant DeeAnna Reese, flew from Sonoma, California to New York City to personally demonstrate her newly launched product on us eager (and paler) East Coast beauty girls. Kelly has airbrushed everyone from celebrities to the San Francisco 49’ers cheerleading squad, so I knew she knew her stuff.

I was curious to learn what set B. Bronz® apart from other spray and airbrush tanning products available in most salons. B. Bronz® uses a water-soluble base so the residue will not rub off on your clothing post-spray which I found very important (especially if you’re coming from work in a light colored outfit!) The B. Bronz® system works with the antioxidants in your skin to deliver the most natural results, so your skin tone will dictate how “sun-kissed” you look after your airbrush tan. Unlike most airbrush tanners, B. Bronz® contains natural coconut and pomegranate oils so the fragrance is fresh and clean and the gentle ingredients are easy on your skin. Upon learning these facts, I was very eager for my custom spray-tan by Kelly herself!

The verdict: I went in looking like this (forearms only due to ghastly skin)

…and the next morning my tan had blossomed to this:

Not bad for an extremely pale-to-start-with girl such as myself who shied away from the sun this summer! I was pleased with the way my tan developed overnight: even color, natural-looking, and splotch free. Kelly delivers an impressive product that works with every skin tone.

In addition to her revolutionary airbrush tanning formula, Kelly has also developed a line of B. Bronz® products to extend your tan including a moisturizing lotion, exfoliating scrubs, and a bodywash. With proper care and maintenance, your B. Bronz® tan will last 7-10 days. Average prices for a custom tan range from $45-75 in a California salon. Currently, for us East Coasters, the B. Bronz® system can be purchased online. For more information, visit

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