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August 9, 2010

With the advent of fully functional mobile based shopping websites, most brands are seizing the opportunity to capture customers who spend more time on their mobile devices than a computer.  Mobile applications are a lot more fun and interactive on the iPhone and android phones. This is probably due to their technologies surpassing that of RIM Blackberry phones.  iPhone and Android users definitely reap the benefits of having more interactive websites and e-commerce applications at their fingertips.  Sephora is the latest store to develop a fully functioning mobile application for iPhone. It’s the ultimate beauty on the go application that gives users the entire Sephora inventory as well as interactive ratings, creating wish-lists, GPS enabled store locator and so much more, enhancing the user experience.

“We recognized early on that our clients are increasingly accessing our site from their smartphones, and set out to provide them with a seamless experience no matter how they shop with us,” said Julie Bornstein, Senior Vice President of Sephora Direct.

“Leveraging technology never before used in the beauty sector, the new SephoraMobile gives our clients one central point of connection with Sephora, offering not only extensive information about all of our products but also providing personalized recommendations and access to their own beauty purchasing history to make shopping at Sephora more exciting and convenient than ever before.” has long been the leading beauty site on the web and SephoraMobile is now a fully functional extension to what is offered online. The new mobile site gives Sephora clients the ultimate shopping tool kit, with exceptional new features and extra perks for the large and growing base of Beauty Insiders, Sephora’s highly popular loyalty program.

  • Quick and Easy Purchasing: Charge it! From your phone! And if you’re a Sephora Beauty Insider, your account information will be there. Hassle-free shopping at its best.
  • Ratings and Reviews: In a Sephora store and want to confirm that what you’re about to buy is as fabulous as you think? Access more than 1 Million Ratings and Reviews from other beauty lovers like you! Five stars for that!
  • Past Purchase History: You can’t escape your past, and who’d want to? With more than 13,000 products to choose from, never again forget the shade you loved or that cool product you sampled in days of Sephora shopping past… to make future shopping easier than ever.
  • Your Shopping List: Through SephoraMobile, clients can create their own shopping list before coming to a store, to make their shopping experience more convenient. Know before you go!
  • New Products as they Hit the Shelves: Come here often? If you do, we will show you what is new for you! That smartphone of yours is smarter than it looks!
  • Beauty Insider Rewards & Personal Recommendations: Want the inside scoop? Sephora Beauty Insiders get up-to-the-minute info on their reward status and great products chosen just for them by Sephora’s experts, based on their personal beauty profile. Smile, ladies.
  • Facebook Like, Right from Your Phone: Facebook is not just for your pretty face! Post a question on Sephora’s Facebook page for Sephora’s experts and your fellow aficionados to answer and use Facebook Like to show what you think is great and cool…a feature rarely available on mobile.
  • GPS Me to the Closest Store: Your GPS gets put to work, by showing you the closest Sephora store, wherever you are.
  • Sephora Store Events: Sephora knows how to throw a great party. And you’re invited. Learn about Sephora events, just by looking at your smartphone. It’ll tell you how to get there too.
Download the Sephora Beauty to Go iPhone application by logging on to the Sephora website from your smartphone. 

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