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August 9, 2010

If I had my way, everyday would be Halloween and we would all get to dress up anyway we wanted. Alas, we’re in the professional world so going to work or showing up to your favorite restaurant in a full Wizard of Oz get-up would turn heads, but in the worst way possible.  The beauty of being a woman is being able to play various roles with your outfits.  We have a lot more versatility in what we wear than men, who usually have less than ten pairs of shoes to their name at any given time.  
My Monday Muse this week is Dorothy Gale from Wizard of Oz, who was the envy of all the girls in her neighborhood in her ruby red pumps (I like to think the movie omitted that part when she found her way back home).  Aside from not finding her way home, Dorothy managed to look put together as she went on her quest for the Wizard that would tell her how to get back to Kansas. Along the way, she had a lot of adventures in her ruby red pumps and gingham dress. Looking like Dorothy in August is a cinch thanks to an updated version of the gingham dress from Modcloth.  
The focal point of Dorothy’s ensemble was her red shoes so it makes sense that our red shoes cost a bit more than the rest of the outfit.  Elizabeth & James Sophi Lazer Cut Mules in red will have you skipping to your own beat with your posse as you race from work to find the best cosmo in town come happy hour.  The Dorothy Date Night Dress from ModCloth is city girl chic and perfectly coordinated with the red shoes.  A few accessories like the layered Coral Corral Necklace, also from ModCloth and some too-cool-for-school Fred Flare Phoenix Sunglasses is all you need to ward off the Wicked Witch of the West, who is dead set on ruining your happy hour. Skip the basket Dorothy totes for the caramel Bryna Nicole Idora fringe tote from BlueFly and don’t forget your Ccc Rhinestone earrings
I know what you’re probably wondering, “How can this be appropriate for work?” Investing in a nice summer cardigan or a cozy from DKNY is a must.  In the summer time, creme and white cardigans in light cashmere are a definite do and will cover up your shoulders when in the office. Happy Halloween in August ladies. 

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