Dita Von Teese Sexes up Perrier Water

July 21, 2010

Perrier sparkling water gets sexy; perhaps a little too sexy, with Dita Von Teese as the face of the brand. The Burlesque bombshell's image and likeness is emblazoned on the new bottles and cans of Perrier water, which looks pretty cool.  For the boys, Perrier built an interactive website, too hot to open at work. Upon entering the site, you are asked to enter your passcode in order to enter the Perrier Mansion, you get out of your Porsche and are welcomed by a sexy Dita, dressed like an old Hollywood screen siren complete with dark crimson lips.  She suggestively ushers you inside where the games of the evening will commence.

Upon getting seated, you play a sexy game of Roll the Dice, with suggestive actions on the dice like "Lick your lips," "Lick your fingers," and even a combination where Dita strips to her bustier and black panties and pours Perrier down her decollete. There is more where that came from. The site is fun but just a bit too sexy for my taste. I think the boys will be flocking to the site for an interactive date with Dita Von Teese. I am not sure if it will drive up sales of the Perrier sparkling water in stores but hey, it's genius marketing to get a sex pot like Dita Von Teese associated with a classy and old brand like Perrier.

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