Intern Tory’s Corner: Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 18, 2010

Father’s Day, one of the most complicated days of the year in my family. Frugal by nature, my father, John Gagliardi, is quite possibly the hardest man to shop for – he always says: “if it’s not on a sale rack, don’t think twice about it”. So, as one out of the four children that have to buy for him, this raises some issue. What do you buy the man who wants nothing, the man who shakes every gift he gets to guess, and the man who hounds you about getting him anything in the first place?

So you see my dilemma? I’ve been searching around for something that he would really like and it has been so hard for me to pinpoint something great for him. So instead of trying to find a gift he would ‘want’ I changed direction and began looking for something he would ‘need’. So I pumped the breaks on my Father’s Day search and simply thought about my dad. A few things came to mind…for starters, my father is notorious for getting food on every single one his shirts. Never fails. I love the guy to death but he has a serious problem maintaining a clean look. So, I found these stain resistant, Smartcare oxfords at Nordstrom under $55! Also, I know Macy’s is having huge sales 20-50% polos, blazers, pants – pretty much everything! The man could use some help in any way, shape, or form – I think the stain resistant shirts and a shopping spree at Macy’s would be beneficial.

The search will never cease…what do all men love? Tools, beer, and sports. I found my dad the perfect gift. He loves working in the yard with a Corona in hand, so why not lighten the load and buy him a holster- haha, pretty eccentric but I know he would wear it. And with that I could give him a membership to the “Beer of the Month Club’! I know, I know, pretty bold…but that’s my dad. 

And speaking of tools, it probably wouldn’t hurt if he were a little more organized, so I found this really cool organizer from Cocoon called the GRID-IT! Organizer! I love it, whether or not he’ll use it is another story. 
I also found this portable pocket digital TV that he would die for! Whenever he comes to any of my field hockey games there is usually a football game on or something that he doesn’t want to miss, this pocket TV would be awesome for him, it’s $200 but seems worth it!

I think for the most part I have my dad covered, but if you’re still in a bind some other little gifts I thought would be great for all dads are grill lights for summer BBQs, countertop Bose sound systems or you know, pretty much everything from Best Buy- dads love gadgets. I swear my dad could hang out in Best Buy for hours and they have a lot of deals going on right now as well! A new camcorder, home theater system, or even a satellite radio would suffice! Just find the perfect gift that suits your dad and spread the love! Happy Father’s Day!!

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