Eco-Chic: Ellington Joni Crossbody Handbags

June 21, 2010

City living is fun and so are those impromptu trips to the farmer's market, ice cream runs and rendezvous to watch Sunday night football. I've become accustomed to using my bicycle for errands that are too far to walk but too short to rent a Zipcar.  I usually opt for my old mesh backpack that doubles up as a gym bag. This, my friends, isn't very stylish or Glamzon-like.  I've been looking for a small crossbody bag that will hold all the essentials – Blackberry, lipgloss, camera, small notepad and sunglasses – while giving me the flexibility to ride my bike comfortably.  Ellington handbags have been on my radar for months.  The brand has chic handbags for almost any occasion. There are three bags in the Ellington Spring/Summer collection that I am coveting, with the Joni Crossbody Handbag being one of them. The Joni is simple in design but worthy of carrying.  It's for the city girl who is sensible enough to carry a small bag while running errands but stylish enough to skip the backpack style bag. 
Aside from being a really good bag to have, I give the Joni kudos for being eco-friendly.   Ellington's signature Eco-Leather is made in an award-winning environmentally responsible tannery that uses efficient processes to reduce water consumption, energy use and CO2 emissions.  The eco-leather handbags by Ellington come in various textures and colors.  The Joni Crossbody bag comes in two colors, a walnut and a grass green color.  At just $99, I wouldn't mind buying both colors to match my outfits. 

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