Katie Holmes wears Chevron dress from her Holmes & Yang Line

May 29, 2010

Since being linked to Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has stepped up her style by becoming an icon in her own right.  Often donning designer fashion with her own twist, the former Dawson’s Creek actress turned Broadway performer can do no wrong in the eyes of the fashion elite. Designers covet to dress her, just like they did with Victoria Beckham, who Katie has become close friends with.  The two have a lot in common, they’re married to high profile men, make the tabloids almost every other week, have a knack for high end fashions and are both fashion designers. Victoria Beckham is more established with her line of dresses, denim and accessories that celebs can’t get enough of. Katie on the other hand is developing her craft with her stylist.
Katie Holmes’ line is called Holmes & Yang, a collection of women’s and children’s clothing and accessories that is “full of classic flare.” Started by the actress and her stylist Jeanne Yang, the duo say they want to start small and develop the brand into a full line that will be available nationwide. Currently you can find Holmes & Yang at Maxfield boutiques in Los Angeles. Katie wore a chevron dress from the collection at the National Movie Awards in the UK this week.  Clothing from the Holmes & Yang label don’t come cheap. A a snug nude-colored suede motorcycle jacket has a suggested retail price of $3,688; if you want a Suri-approved crepe de chine number for your little one, be prepared to spend about $500 and up. 
“The clothes are romantic but also tough, because we wanted to give a wardrobe to that smart, strong woman,” Holmes said. Yang added the price points are a direct result of the pair’s commitment to producing in New York’s garment district as well as to luxury materials. “We’re not making fussy clothes, but we’re fussy about the details,” she said. The fabrics are indeed lovely: crepe de chine, Chantilly lace and silk jacquard, fiished with such details as grosgrain piping and silk-covered buttons. And while Holmes noted the pair is open to more retail outlets — currently the line is available exclusively at Maxfield in Los Angeles — their focus is growing the line with an eye on quality, not trends. “I’ve gained an appreciation for the craftsmanship, what goes into making a piece,” Holmes said. And in keeping things family and friends oriented, Holmes’ mother, a knitter, does the chic alpaca beanies the pair is going to introduce. [WWD]

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