Intern Tory’s Corner: Neiman Marcus Fall 2010 Preview

May 29, 2010

Even though we are right on the cusp of summer, it is never too early to start planning for the upcoming fashion season. Neiman Marcus has done just that by already previewing some of the Fall 2010 trends. What we are seeing is a replay of the military influences. There are still a lot of greens, chunky boots, camo prints, and rugged military detailing. Another trend will be fur and though controversial, designers can never get enough- if you can’t do the real thing, choose faux fur, it still gets the job done! Also, I like that I’m hearing about fur-trimmed booties and fur vests- with a sort of “Nanook of the North” style, love it.

A few more items you cannot do without this fall season are lace, feathers, pearls, and a wardrobe of boots! Personally, I can never have enough lace- I know European designers will take care of this for me, whether it involves some extra twang on a blouse or even a lace boot!

Feathers, I’m not sure if I’ve ever worn them- but I totally would! Something like a Manolo Blahnik shoes, I’m feeling the D’Orsay sandal- so my style, too cute.

Pearls! We are looking for something chunky, layered, and draped. The best pearls are noticed when they are mixed with black chain links! Pull away from that traditional standard of pearls- branch out and layer up!

And of course, what would the Fall season be without boots? And not just one pair of boots, but a closet full. They are necessary because there are so many great styles to choose from and you shouldn’t limit yourself!

This little preview is making me too excited for Fall!!! Can’t wait!

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