Lady Gaga Barbie is in the Haus [of Gaga]

January 5, 2010

I was googling Lady Gaga images on Sunday night and came across a guy who is obsessed (in a good way of course) with creating Barbie renditions of Gaga. Veik, a “doll player” in Beijing has created a collection of Barbie dolls rocking some of Lady Gaga’s now famous outfits. 2009 was the year of Gaga so why not have the first lady of pop and macabre iDOLLized. I was dying when I saw these photos, that look so much like the costumes. Just take a look at the Alexander McQueen armadillo booties Gaga wears in the Bad Romance video. Veik was even nice enough to show fans how to make some of the masks and shoes. So OOC but loves it!

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