Blonde Charity Mafia previews on MTV UK

January 5, 2010

There’s been so much chatter in the blogosphere for the past two years about the fate of the Washington, DC based reality show staring Georgetown scenestresses Katherine Kennedy, Krista Johnson and Sophie Pyle. The wait is finally over as we’ve learned that Blonde Charity Mafia has been picked up in Australia, New Zealand and UK. The show, which centers around the DC social networking site similar to Gossip Girl, will be airing on MTV UK starting January 17, but available online on January 11. Looks like American viewers will be able to catch full episodes online. Sophie told me last month that the show had been airing in New Zealand but MTV had blocked it from US viewers. I took some screen shots of the preview from the first episode for you all.

Katherine Kennedy, who is dubbed the Queen Bee on the show says,

“Having lived in the UK, I am super excited about being part of the MTV family in the UK. Although both centers for politics and socializing, DC and London are far different, I look forward to hearing what the Brits think of DC.”

Yours truly makes a cameo via my Late Night Shots profile picture in the premiere. Sophie Pyle, the brunette starlet on the show said:

“I am very excited the show is airing on MTV UK and MTV Ireland this month. BCM will show a very glamorous, fashionable side of DC that people don’t usually associate with the city.”

When I asked her what viewers will discover about her, she candidly told me that:

“The months I was filmed were very frustrating for me regarding my job, friends, family, and love life because I was transitioning from college to the real world. I think a lot of young people will be able to relate to my experience. “

I’m excited to see Krista Johnson, above, and the other gals as they show the Brits that Washington is not just for politics but for fashion, charity and fabulous parties. You can watch the preview by clicking here. Make sure you go back and check out subsequent episodes starting January 11.


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