Crooked Monkey’s launches Jersey Shore Shirts

January 27, 2010


MTV reality show Jersey Shore has captivated the nation with its crazy cast of 20-something New Jerseyans whose lives seem crazier than anything I’ve ever imagined. I am yet to see a full episode but the bits and pieces I’ve seen are enough to leave me speechless. Even the though first season just wrapped up, there is talk of a second season. The cast is holding out for more money, according to the View this morning.

I’ve seen some of the cast on several talk shows within the past week. I saw Snookie talking about her “snook-it,” that ginormous lump of hair on perched on top of her head and the Situation. I’ve photos of J-WOWW partying it up at McFaddens in Washington, DC.

My friend Micha Weinblatt, who happens to be the creator of the coolest t-shirt company on earth (no really, it is the coolest t-shirt company), just launched a series of Jersey Shore t-shirts so funny that I effing died when I saw them online. The Crooked Monkey Jersey Shore t-shirts come in men’s and women’s sizes in crew and v-neck options. With phrases like “I’d rather be tanning,” “Pass the hair Gel,” “I heart the Jersey Shore,” and illustrations of how to do the fist pump and the Guido/Guidette List shirts, you’ll be on your way to becoming a character in your own right. 

The Guido/Guidette shirt simply cracks me up with the list of things every self professed guido should have, wear and do.  Although I would rather be shopping than tanning, I do use hair gel and probably need to brush up on how to do the fist pump.  On another note, I would love to give a shout out to the male model below for his super sexy yumminess. I would love for him to be my Valentine and wear a shirt that says, “I love The Glamazon Diaries.” Get the low down on Crooked Monkey and the Jersey Shore t-shirts here.


Did you know that Crooked Monkey will be in the upcoming Twilight sequel Eclipse? Yup, the costume department contacted Micha to send them the Sketched Boombox Graphic T-shirt. I’ve been trying to speculate as to which character will wear the shirt. I think it will probably be Jacob or Emmett during the fight scene with all the vampires and werewolfs against Victoria’s army of newborns.




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