BB Dakota Twilight jacket is the center of attention for fall 2010 collection

January 25, 2010

The Twilight saga has gotten millions of teens and adults in a tizzy.  Whatever the characters wear on screen  end up on the backs of fans who want to look like Bella to snag their own Edward Cullen. BB Dakota struck it big when her military style cargo blue jacket was picked up at Nordstrom Rack when the director decided to switch out the brown cargo jacket originally intended for the sequence.  He thought Kristen Stewart’s brown hair matching the brown cargo jacket was a faux pas.

BB Dakota’s Twilight Jacket worn by Kristen Stewart in Twilight  is available for all the Bella Swan fans at Available in the original blue color, black, white and an olive green, the BB Dakota Twilight Jacket is a great piece of pop culture to have in your closet.  I feel like it’s too high school for me to be sporting around town but for just $66, I am probably going to buy the blue one for my 11 year-old cousin Louise, who is in love with Edward Cullen as much as I am.

The frenzy for the BB Dakota Twilight jacket boosted sales of the entire BB Dakota label, bringing the brand to the mainstream.  The label announced that it will be designing a fall 2010 collection centered around the Twilight Jacket.  The BB Dakota Fall 2010 collection will consist of plaid shirts, hoodies and skinny chords and everything that embodies Bella and the girls of the Twilight. I am hoping to see more of Alice in the collection, since she is super fab and opts for dresses and more tailored pieces.

Not a Twilight fan? No problem. BB Dakota is a great label to get on trend pieces at great prices. Nothing is over $200 and most dresses are under $100. There is a sale going on right now on the site so make sure you take advantage of it.  I am itching for a few dresses from the spring 2010 collection.

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