Alexander McQueen 12-inch Armadillo booties

January 24, 2010

Alexander McQueen’s spring/summer collection had tongues wagging after Lady Gaga donned the last look from the runway in her Bad Romance video.  The standout piece in the McQueen spring 2010 collection was the 12-inch Armadillo booties, which supermodels refused to wear because of the hazard it posed on the runway.  McQueen even had to resort to using lesser known models for the runway.  British Vogue fashion writers blogged about how hard it was to walk from the office to the water cooler.

The Armadillo booties are a work of art. You can’t deny their beauty and construction.  I just can’t see anyone besides Rihanna and Beyonce wearing them on stage. The shoes take center stage in the spring ad campaign for McQueen. Kudos to the model for lying in a pool of snakes. You couldn’t pay me enough to do that, or wear those shoes, unless I’m laying or sitting down comfortably all night.

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