Manuel Albarran’s Metal Couture

December 8, 2009

I recently came across an artist interview on Dazed Magazine’s website and became consumed with his work. Spanish designer Manuel Albarran is in a league where few fashion designers dare to venture; the path less taken, you might say. Albarran calls his work heavy couture. One look at his mesmerizing corsets, head masks and contraptions that look as if they originated from the set of Saw IV and you’ll see why he is good at what he does. I call his work metal couture for how intricate each individually made accessory is pieced together.

Realistically I don’t see the mainstream adapting to wearing metal headpieces and masks but then again Albarran does his craft in the name of art. Look at Thierry Mugler back in the early 90s with his motorcycle bustier or Gareth Pugh’s avant garde pieces that are now making its way into the mainstream.

Albarran’s corsets are true works of art. He plays with leather, feathers and metals to create these sexy bondage-esque garments. Who will be willing to wear these creations? I for one would love to. The above corset is beautiful, hard, romantic and sexy.

Albarran has taken headpieces to the next level with these chic metal headpieces. As rough violent as these pieces might look, they have a romantic persona with the smooth gold metal etched and molded into floral patterns. Albarran’s creations have Rihanna’s and Lady Gaga’s names written all over them. It is only a matter of time before they get on board the Albarran train.

Check out some of the Manuel Albarran‘s collection below. Click pictures for larger view.

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