Alicia Keys Launches The Barber’s Daughters Jewelry collection

November 11, 2009

Chanteuse Alicia Keys is in the business of inspiration, as evidenced by her new company AK | Worldwide, the umbrella company for all her new business ventures outside of music. We know she’s been busy putting the finishing touches on her fourth studio album, “The Element of Freedom,” but what has been a welcome surprise to me is the development of her new jewelry collection with jewelry designer Gisèle Theriault titled The Barber’s Daughters and her I Am Superwoman website to celebrate inspirational women and causes that are making a difference in communities worldwide.

Keys, known as an advocate for preventing and eradicating HIV/AIDS in developing countries and children’s issues is no stranger to inspiring people to action. She says her jewelry line of handcrafted silver earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and watches will be hand engraved with inscriptions of positive words inspired by the poetry and prayers by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a scientist who claims that water, when impressed with words, images or exposed to music, changes and forms new energy. Which supports Einsteins theory that energy cannot be created or destroyed but can only be turned into new forms of energy.

The Barber’s Daughters jewelry line is affordable with necklaces starting at $85 to watches that max out at $350. Those prices are so right. The collection is now available online, just in time for Christmas. For those in New York City, Keys invites you to check out the collection on display at the Collete Blanchard Gallery (26 Clinton Street) on November 23 and 24.

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