Jourdan and Chanel on Teen Vogue Cover

October 6, 2009

Hitting new stands next week is the November issue of Teen Vogue, in which my two favorite rising supermodels, Jourdan Dunn and Chanel Iman are featured as cover girls. Jourdan, who’s pregnant with her first child and Chanel are a tour de force on the runway. They have been described as the new Tyra Banks, Iman and even Beverly Johnson. These two African American women are role models. They live a fabulous life free of scandal and mischief. Their stars are rising at the same pace so it’s easy to think of them as fierce competitors. The are…or used to be:

“It’s competition,” Jourdan says. “There aren’t a lot of us, but instead of sticking together, we’re pitted against each other. People will say things in Chanel’s ear like, ‘Jourdan is taking your spot,’ and then they’ll say to me, ‘Don’t trust Chanel.’”

“I could sit here and tell you, ‘I love Jourdan! We’ve always been the best of friends!’” she says. “But we haven’t. Until recently, we barely even spoke. We went from being superclose in the beginning,” she says, “to dead silence if we saw each other backstage at a show.” Not even a hello? “If we did say hi, it was hi, and that’s it.”

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