Lindsay Lohan vamps up 6126 leggings label for the fall

September 1, 2009

It’s been a while since Lindsay Lohan made the front page of the tabloid section. Maybe she’s realized that the best way to win roles in top blockbuster movies is to get positive press. The former Disney sweetheart’s fall from grace was a hard one but for the past two years, she’s been working hard on reshaping her image. Her love of leggings spawned into the creation of her own line called 6126 Collection. In its first cycle, 6126 was stocked at Los Angeles hotspot Kitson, where LiLo fans devoured every single piece in the collection. The leggings collection sold out within days.

Those who said her collection would be just a phase stand corrected. Lindsay Lohan’s 6126 is now in its prime, the Lindsey has designed a few new pieces for her daring leggings collection. This isn’t your average leggings ladies. Each design in the collection has its own little personality, whether it be studded piping on the sides of the leggings, lace inserts on the leg or zippered accents, Lindsay intents for her fans to add a piece of glamour to their daily lives.

The leggings are daring and I have to admit that wearing lace insert leggings seems a bit far fetched, although knowing how to wear it is a must. I am in love with the Charisma Leggings. As a girl who likes leaving bits and pieces to the imagination, I would pair the side lace detail leggings with a wrap dress that falls above the knee and boots. Lindsay gets even more kudos for getting 6126 stocked at Neiman Marcus.

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