Victoria Beckham dishes about her clothing line

August 30, 2009

Victoria Beckham is one of the most well-dressed women in Hollywood. No matter what you think of her stick thin frame, you have to admit that the girl knows how to have fun with fashion and look the part of the sexy soccer wife and mom. Over the years, her style has evolved from the frou frou Spice Girls frocks and skirts and chunky platform heels (I still have mine from the Spice Girls invasion in the 90s) to sleek and sophisticated designer pieces that fit her body like a glove.

After years of being dressed by fashion’s elite designers, Victoria Beckham has stepped out of the cocoon and designed her own collection of frocks that many in the fashion industry have embraced. Take a careful look at her collection and you’ll realize that she’s really done her homework. Dresses with corsets to cinch the waist even more, body contouring frocks that slim the body even more.

If I had $1,900 to spare, I would buy the Ribart Dress, a ladylike, below the knee length, three quarter sleeve dress with an exposed zipper and a square shoulder. It’s Victoria’s ode to the 40s. This dress collection is exactly what I look for, demure and sexy, which Victoria manages to execute very well.

Victoria Beckham’s line is already stocked at Bergdorf Goodman and Net-a-Porter. Since my money is funny and my change is pretty strange at this moment in time, I am going to pray that Gilt Groupe will manage to snag her collection for one of the 36 hour sample sales in the near future.

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