Christian Louboutin Dillian Flower Pumps

August 30, 2009

Christian Louboutin has my heart on the sole of his feet and can crush me anytime with show stopping, sky scrapping heels. This time around I am having a major shoe lust for the Dillian Flower strappy heels. What can I say, I am a glutton for punishment because I can’t afford these shoes but can’t help but want want want it!

The Christian Louboutin Dillian Flower pumps are so tantalizing with confections of ruffles uniting four sexy straps across the foot up to the ankle. The Dillian comes in lascivious colors, including an innocent blush, a to die for brown, a dangerous black and fiery red. The Christian Louboutin Dillian Flower Pumps is shoe porn at its very best. Wear it textured tights and a sheath dress or skinny jeans and a billowy top with a vest or a crisp button down shirt and a cropped trouser. It will be a sin to cover these heels up with long lose trousers or a gown.

The Christian Louboutin Dillian Flower pumps are gorgeous n’est ce pas? But who can afford to spend $1,695 on a writer’s salary? Not moi! Unless Mr. Louboutin himself calls me to gift me with a pair, I’ll keep my relationship with Dillian to just admiring from affair.

For those still coveting the shoes but cannot EVER spend that much on shoes, I’ve got you covered. Dollhouse has a similar version of the Loubs for an unheard of price of $49.00. The Soleil heels by Dollhouse is a spitting image of the Dillian. Sure you will sacrifice a few things at this price, like comfort, durability and the red sole. Ok I take back the red sole. You can be shameless and just paint the bottom of the shoe with red nail polish just like Christian did with his very first pair or just walk talk and proud sans the red soles. Either way, you’ll still look super chic in one of the season’s most coveted shoes.

Aye ya yae! What is a girl to do? These shoes are five inches of pain and sex appeal. Be prepared to turn heads but know that at the end of the night, your feet will probably be killing you. But as they say, beauty is pain right ladies ;-)?

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