Bella’s Edward Charm Bracelets from New Moon

August 3, 2009


I’ve been bitten by the Twilight Saga bug and the thrilling sensation of teenage love is spreading through my veins. Last week I made a comment on my twitter page that I wish the first movie in the Twilight series would have made the Cullens a bit more fashionable as the book illustrates. I guess I got my wish with New Moon, the second movie. The two previews from Comic-con last week showed the characters, specifically the vampires in a lot more fashionable threads.

Bella, the main character in the book and movie, also got an upgrade in the wardrobe department. The brooding teen looks perfectly plain but a bit edgier in her skinny J Brand jeans and fab accessories, including a set of black jelly bangles by Jules Smith. These bangles, which I am a huge fan of, have been around for a while but revamped just for the movie. Bella wears the black jelly bangles with fang charms on them, a sign of love for her vampire Edward. Available for around $20, teenage girls will be swarming the website to get a piece of Edward or feel like Bella in these charmtastic bracelets.

The Charm School Vintage Jellies, $80 and Bella’s Good Luck Charm bracelet (right), $20 are available for pre-order now on Jules Smith’s website. Sink your teeth into them before the are sold out.

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