I need my MJ fix

It’s been two weeks since Micheal Jackson passed away and for some reason I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that he’s gone. The King of Pop has been in the public eye since I was born and I’ve been a fan. I remember my mom buying me a blue dress the moon walk steps in silver adorning the front of it. That was nearly eighteen years ago but I still remember not wanting to ever take it off.

I am now an adult and think it will be pretty creepy to wear something that childish now. So to get my MJ fix, I am lusting after the Crooked Monkey King of Pop MJ Sunglasses V-neck Girls Shirt, $26. This shirt will surely rock my world.

I have a super cute silver voluminous A-line skirt that would look absolutely stunning with this shirt, a hat I found at Urban Outfitters today for just $20, my Marc Jacobs aviators and some flat oxfords or even black gladiators. Oh how complete my life would be to have this shirt in my life…did I mention it’s only $26.