Closet Editing

July 28, 2009

I’ve been editing my closet all summer long, trying to decide the essentials, the basics and the showstoppers. During my college days, I would shop just for shopping’s sake without thinking of how my purchases would coordinate with what I already had. Since college, I have become a more consciousness shopper, keeping my clothes semi organized.

This weekend, I received about eight dresses, a few skirts and some shoes I had purchased from the massive women’s final sale on Gilt Groupe. I started the editing process by dividing everything in the closet according to season, then moving further editing by occasion and then by wearability. I define wearability here by which clothes I can get away with wearing more than once in a month.

So after four hours of debating what to toss because it had not been worn in more than a year, did not fit or was out of season, I was able to trim my closet down to a manageable size. The clothes I tossed are going to be going to We One You Two and Mint Condition for consignment. So now what? Do I stock my closet with more clothes? Nah-uh!

I have decided to update my closet with classic and basic pieces that will get a lot of wear and use, save for a couple of dresses that will be for those special occasions. I have too many black dresses and colorful spring dresses so my next purchases have to be muted and jewel tone colors that can go with the jewelry, shoes and accessories I already have. No need to make unnecessary purchases. What I really need a skirts, blouses, button down shirts, long black coat, black and chocolate knee length boots and some gold and silver chain link necklaces.

I’ve made a pact with myself to spend money on only spend money of the list of must-haves I’ve made for myself. The more I look at what I have in my closet, the more I realize that I need to spend more wisely on the classics that will still look chic five years from now. I wrap this up with a few take-alongs:

1. Ditch an item in your closet if you haven’t worn it in more than a year.
2. Organize your closet the way it makes sense to you. If your lifestyle is centered around a 9-5 job, make sure most of those clothes are visually laid out so that you don’t waste time in the AM.
3. Buy pieces for everyday wear, including basic tees (J.Crew and Old Navy have great ones), sweaters and cardigans, easy dresses that can transition from day to night and a few pairs of jeans (I don’t like them but many girls live in them so if you are one of these girls, make sure you stock up.)
4. Before buying anything new, ask yourself one question: Will this go with other things in my closet? Is this a trend that is worth spending money on? What needs to leave my closet in order to make room for this new purchase? Your decision will be made more rationally once those questions are answered.
5. Sample sale sites like Gilt Groupe, Rue La La, Haute Look and ideeli are your friends. Use them to get great designers classics without breaking the bank.
6. Make sure you purge your closet every season so that you can decide which pieces to buy in order to stay current.

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