Uhmm…Bed Shoes?

One of the TGD readers forwarded me pics of these shoes last night and I thought I would share with you all. Would you ever buy a pair of these so-called Bedroom Shoes? Taking bondage and S&M to new heights is probably not on my radar but I do appreciate the creativity of the designer. The “Bed Shoes” are for the use behind closed doors. I am just trying to figure out how the tassels work. Do you whip with your feet? Tickle? Tease?

The shoes are sold out on the site, which means someone out there has a foot fetish or a fascination with S&M enough to get them. [more pics]


  1. Maureen Clay says:

    Those look really naughty. It seems crazy if you whip someone using your foot. I think you'll have to take it of then whack somebody.

  2. Wow.. this is really a problem if you have a foot fetish AND happened to have kids. When the toddler stepped on one end, BOOM. Down you go! (:

    Interesting, thanks for sharing!

  3. The Frocker says:

    I was assuming that the ends were meant to be tied to something…?

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