Lust or Must: Jimmy Choo Glenys

June 11, 2009

I’ve been lusting after the Jimmy Choo Glenys for sometime now. Ever since I saw Leighton Meester wearing it with her cute pink skirt, I’ve been a wanting to slip my feet into these strappy babies. As much as I lust after them, my bank account just won’t let me have them. At a whopping $1,295, this Glamazon cannot afford to walk a mile in these shoes.

How much do I love the Jimmy Choo Glennys? Let me count the ways. I love the snakeskin in green and in black that adds a mist of exoticism to the feet. I love the sexy sipper that slithers its way up the feet. Finally I love the gladiator heel with each individual strap embracing the feet as if to say, “hello old friend, it’s been a while.”


So to make up for my lustful ways, I found a pair of shoes similar to my dead Glenys. Say hola to the Jessica Simpson Hello. A black gladiator heel that is in tune with everything I love about the Glenys except one thing, it’s not snakeskin. The Jessica Simpson Hello also has some star power. A stacked heel gives me the height I need, although I wish it were the same color as the shoe. It has the sexy zipper I loved on the Glenys and the gladiator style. For just $87.95, this Glamazon is lovin’.

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