DVF settles out of court on counterfeit jacket

June 14, 2009

Earlier this year, National Post broke the tale of two jackets, both similar in style, fabric and detail yet from two separate seasons. While looking through magazine layouts, the editors found that Diane von Furstenberg’s spring 09 floral jacket (left) was eerily similar to that of Mercy’s spring 08 floral jacket.

The infamous vintage-inspired floral jacket, by DVF was all over the pages of Teen Elle and even show in MTV’s The City. After careful examination of both jackets, Mercy co-designer Jennifer Halchuk raised a stink and brought it to the attention of DVF, who took the matter very seriously.

If you follow fashion and the CFDA, then you know that DVF is an advocate of anti counterfeiting bill that the CFDA has been trying to get passed on Capitol Hill. Never one to be hypocritical, DVF announced that it had settled out of court with Mercy for an undisclosed amount and that the remaining jackets from the Spring 09 line had been pulled. I give major kudos to DVF for sticking by her mantra and her words. At the end of the day, all’s well that ends well.

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