Washingtonians embracing spring trends

May 18, 2009

Fashion critics have always said Washington is late when it comes to adopting fashion trends. Several years ago, this statement would have been spot on because we were truly a city of dark suits and black gowns. Not anymore. Over the past five years, I’ve seen fashion change in Washington. Those who come from the South tend to drift towards Lilly Pulitzer dresses and pearls, this is not going to change anytime soon, but as they learn more about Washington, many of these women start finding their style identity. More on this topic at a later date.

I went to the Taste of the South on Saturday night with about 200 Southerners who look forward to this celebration every spring. Over 90 percent of those in attendance were Southern Belles and Beaus, who know that donning a cummerbund and a bow tie is the norm. Most girls can’t leave the house without their pearls, which can become a bit overdone these days. A couple of my girlfriends talk about how they are afraid of wearing big earrings in fear of ridicule from the Jack Rogers and Lilly Pulitzer wearing crowd. Well Saturday night, I saw a breakaway from boring blacks, loud pink and green prints and pearls. I spotted a lot of fashionistas trying the chandelier earring trend and making it their own.

Yours truly chose to wear a salmon colored BCBG dress with ginormous gold chandelier earrings and necklace (worn as a head piece), both by H&M. The secret to wearing big earrings is to tone down all other jewelry. That means go sans necklace or wear a very demure or thin necklace that will be a compliment to the earrings. The head piece I am wearing in the picture was a necklace I bought a couple of weeks ago. The venue was too hot and I didn’t feel like having anything grazing my neck. I doubled up the necklace and put it around my head. I must say that I love it like that. Check out some of the other women who opted out of the pearl earrings and went for bold earrings.


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