Solas Fashion Clutch

May 17, 2009

I’ve been known to stuff every single thing I own into my evening clutch when I go out. This habit makes it painfully uncomfortable when looking for my keys at the end of the night or my lipgloss to do a touch-up in the middle of a dark crowded dance floor. How often do you take your cell phone out at the bar to illuminate the inside of your purse to find something? I do it all the time and I bet many of you do as well.

My friend Chandler Ramelli of A Not So Capitol Idea showed me her clutch the other night at an event and I couldn’t help but gush over how cool it was. Her clutch lights up when opened, especially in dark places, to help her find anything in her bag. The Solas Fashion bags are the hottest accessories to hit the Los Angeles fashion scene in a while and celebs can’t get enough of them. Rarely do we see the inside of Cameron Diaz’s, Britney Spears’ or Carrie Underwood’s clutches but these stars do not have a problem finding their lipgloss in a dark bar. Why? Well they are some of the fans of Solas Fashion Clutches.

Chandler is probably one of the few gals in the DC area who have this clutch but not for long. I checked out the company’s collection and I am loving every single bag they have, including tote bags, satchels, carryalls and wristlets. I think Chandler’s clutch is the Harmony, which is available in different fabrics for $176-$198. Fabulous!


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