Marc Jacob’s latest Ode to the Stam Bag

May 15, 2009

The Katie Perrys and Avril Lavigne’s of the world rejoice because Marc Jacobs is on your side with his od to punk rock chic. Just when you thought there was nothing he could do with the bag, Marc’s at it again. His latest revival of the Stam bag has safety pins. 

The Marc Jacobs Stam Safety Pin Satchel looks so simple but let’s give Marc credit, putting safety pins on the bag is genius. The bag is a bit demure than his other Stam renditions. The Safety Pin satchel is not as blingy as the quilted stam or understated as the jersey. I feel like the carrier of this bag will get a lot of compliments but they will not be over the top. This is the bag that you can carry without feeling like it’s carrying you. It can be yours at Nordstrom for $1,395.  I wonder if the revival of the Stam bag is Marc’s way of making it a collector’s item. I mean if Chanel and Hermes can do it, so can Marc. 

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