Manolo vs Tommy Hilfiger

April 15, 2009

Sex and the City fans will remember the episode when Carrie goes into the Vogue’s fashion closet and gasps when she sees the Manolo Blahnik Campari heels aka the Mary Jane that Carrie thought was an urban legend.

These babies are on my list of 100 investment pieces I need for my closet and I plan on saving up cold hard cash to splurge on the black ones. In a perfect world, I would be able to get the black, brown, pink and leopard print Mary Jane so that I could give away some of my other heels that kill my feet upon contact.

A pair of Manolo Patent Leather Mary Jane heels costs $645 at Bergdof Goodman and trust me ladies when I tell you that these heels never go on sale. EVER! Unless you live in New York City and can rush to the Manolo boutique during their sales, even then I doubt you’ll get your hands on these babies for less than $500. I did find them on Ebay for $450, which would save me $200 to splurge at Forever 21 on oodles of accessories and dreses.

I intend to buy my Manolos but I couldn’t help but snap a picture of some look-a-likes at Tommy Hilfiger in Georgetown last week during a shopping spree with my cousin, who coincidentally is named Jane. The Tommy Hilfiger Mary Janes are a fraction of the cost of the Manolos. At $99, most women would not resist buying them. I, on the other hand, could not cheat on my Manolo Mary Janes. It does help me sleep at night to know that if I do decide to settle, I can go for the Tommy Hilfiger Mary Janes for $99 and save more than $500 to use for something else.


What I do love about these heels is that they come in so many other colors, like the nude and gray ones. These heels are perfect for work or even going out. Paired with jeans, white tee and a blazer or a flirty skirt and a cardigan, these shoes will be the perfect accessory to polish any ensemble.

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