Five celebrities strip for Allure

April 15, 2009


Skin is in this season so it’s no wonder that five celebs bear it all for Allure magazine’s May issue. In a tastefully done shot, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, comedienne Chelsea Handler, actresses Lynn Collins, Sharon Leal and Elizah Dushku look absolutely stunning in sans clothes and profess how comfortable they are with their bodies.


If only we all looked this good when stripped down, gyms and weight loss products would be out of business. Even though the May issue of Allure magazine hit newstands on April 21, the recently released photos give us a sneak peak at the interviews with these wonderful ladies.

The main point of this editorial is to encourage women to love their bodies and celebrate their sexuality. No matter your shape or size, it is important to find a body part you love and be proud of it.


When asked what she was thinking when she dropped her robe for the shoot, Sharon Leal said:

“I just breathed and said to myself, ‘I’m comfortable, I’m beautiful; I’m comfortable, I’m beautiful,’ until I didn’t have to say that anymore…. It’s liberating, but posing once may be enough.”


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