The Recessionista: Marc Jacobs Quilted Stam Bag

Can you spot the real Marc Jacobs Quilted Leather Stam Bag? Looking at a few online sites for recessionista finds to update my wardrobe for the spring, I came across the Justina Quilted Sachel (left), which looks almost exactly like the Marc Jacobs Quilted Leather Stam Bag. I know knockoffs are usually frowned upon, however, in this economy, I think some exceptions should be made. The Justina Quilted Satchel is currently available for $46 while the original Marc Jacobs bag sells for a whopping $1500.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t do it…it looks fake. I’m not a hater, but I don’t get the whole fake bag thing. Why not save up for the real thing (if it’s a must-have bag) or find something similar which isn’t a blatant copy.

  2. I think it depends. Some knockoffs look extraordinarily fake. But in some cases they so closely resemble, it’s not bad. I think this is a good example of a good knockoff. Besides, at times like these, how could you possibly want to put out $1500 on a bag? That’s absurd.

  3. I love it!! Thank you so much for the great find! 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    they’re both fakes. authentic marc jacobs bags only use black string to attach their labels.

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