Skip the economics for Shop-o-Nomics

What is the secret to staying chic in a weakened economy? Bargain hunting darling. It’s that simple. Well, maybe not as simple as say 1+1 but definitely something that is doable. Washingtonians love their shopping and charity so it’s no wonder this tried and tested formula of shopping + charity has become even more popular in this recession.

On Saturday, March 14 from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm, drop everything and head to the Hilton Hotel in Silver Spring, MD for a shopping bonanza now labeled Shop-O-Nomics. The chicest boutiques and designers in the Beltway will come together for a one day sale on fall and spring threads at unheard off liquidation prices. Tickets for Shop-o-Nomics are just $10 for the Early Bird shopper, meaning you get your tickets now. If you must wait until payday, your ticket cost will be $15 for the Chic Shopper package, which includes a $5 shopping credit to redeem during the event and a raffle ticket.

Shop-o-Nomics is a sample sale for a cause. Event organizers ask that attendees bring black eyeliner, mascara or concealer to benefit Success In-Style, a non-profit organization that provides free business attire to low income women seeking employment.