What would Catwoman wear to a dinner party?

December 28, 2008

Sometimes I wonder what cartoon characters and superheros wear in their downtime and when they are not fighting crime. A lot of them have secret identities but what happens when Batman or Wolverine or even Catwoman is invited to a blacktop event? The men – Batman and Superman – will probably opt for their costumes but I know Catwoman would probably want to skip the ultra revealing latex and leather for a more ladylike ensemble. Bluemarine knows a thing or two about keeping a look sexy and sophisticated. For the spring 2009 collection, Anna Molinari designed an impressive collection for the woman with gusto.

One piece in the collection reminded me of something Catwoman would choose if she were to attend a dinner party. The sexy halter one piece jumper is purrfect for a dinner party. The jumper keeps its sex appeal with a sheer chiffon cape so whispy and delicate yet still maintains an allure of power. The headdress is also purrfect for Catwoman to keep her secret identity.


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