Chanel Accessories for Spring 2009

December 28, 2008

Karl Lagerfeld’s genius is once again apparent in his beautifully executed spring 2009 collection for Chanel. Lagerfeld’s impeccable attention to detail shows in every neatly cropped jacket, well cut to fit tweed suit and perfectly polished accessories. Though he stays true to Chanel’s core vision, Lagerfeld always adds a bit of a twist that to retain a bit of his personality in his creations. For spring 2009, there are so many wonderful accessories that those of us who cannot afford a Chanel ensemble can still add to our fashion arsenal.

Models on the Chanel runway wore two toned hosiery that looked like they’d stepped out of the court of Louis XIII. What is remarkable about the the hosiery is that it looks very wearable but maintains a bit of quirkiness. I probably would not recomment wearing it to with an above the knee dress or suit for the office but if you feel a bit playful, letting it peek sporadically beneath your dress or skirt during a dinner date is a must.

Another very Lagerfeld-ish accessory in the spring 2009 collection for Chanel is the clear lucite shoe with feathers. So playful and quirky for the girl who can let her hair down and have some serious fun. Lagerfeld takes the stuffiness out of Chanel and gives it a refreshing twist. Most of the accessories in the spring collection will run anywhere from $200 to $5000.

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