New Fragrances from Ralph Lauren and Gucci

Here are two scents to try for the fall. My friend Lauren bought the Gucci by Gucci Eau de Parfum and I can’t stop using it whenever I go to her place. The floral scents is very sensual for Autumn’s cool and romantic nights out on the town.

One of the fragrances I am lusting after right now is Ralph Lauren Notorious. Pink peppercorn, chocolate and peonies give Notorious an infamous scent that will be remembered long after the wearer’s departure. Ralph Lauren proves that you don’t have to be scene or heard to be Notorious. As they say, scent is the most powerful memory evoking sense.

Take a whiff of both of these and decide for yourself which suits you best. Ralph Lauren’s Notorious reminds me a bit of his other fragrance, Romance, which is one of my go to perfumes for everyday wear.

Each perfume is $65 but I suggest you buy eau de parfum because they are a lot more concentrated and last longer on the body.

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  1. do pheromones work says:

    Well, there is no doubt Ralph Lauren and Gucci has a wonderful fragrance I love the scent of those two perfume.


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