Alert: 3.02 Carat Diamond Ring Found in Parking Lot, Looking to be Returned

Alert: A girl’s best friend: Found!!!
Raise your left hand… Take a good look!
Now your right… Take another good look…
Anyone missing a 3.02 carat diamond solitaire ring?!

A few days ago a couple walked into the Mervis Diamond Boutique with a 3.02 solitaire diamond ring with the imprint “Mervis” on the metal that they found in the Tyson’s parking garage. The good Samaritans are looking to return the ring to the rightful owner. The ring is reportedly 3.02 carats, H color, and SI1 clarity and an excellent ideal cut.

Zed Mervis estimates that the ring and diamond together are worth over $50,000!!!The couple and the wonderful people of Mervis Diamond , are trying to track down the customer who is missing their precious stone. They have determined that the ring was sold over three years ago (the company only imprinted the name Mervis on their rings for a couple of years).

Any help or information, please email Katherine Kennedy at kennedy@kmkpr.com or Contact Mervis Diamond Importers 1900 Mervis Way, Tysons Corner, VA 22182 Phone: (703) 448-9000

Any and all claims will be checked against the master list of sales, so don’t be sneaky ;-)Photos to come soon. [KKinDC]


  1. Daniel Packer says:

    Mervis actually found the owner! They had a reunion of the couple that found the ring and owner. You can see a great picture on their lost and found diamond ring site and you can follow the story too.

  2. amazing story and truly admirable people! these days, there are probably just a few people who would want to return lost and found items as valuable as a diamond ring. the economy has forced the majority to take advantage of any situation that would bring them more of the ever-elusive dollar. so it’s kind of refreshing to know that honest people still exist and there is still a possibility of getting your diamond back in case you lose it somewhere.

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