White Dress for Graduation

Hi Glamour Girl,

I am a senior in high school who will be graduating in three weeks. My school requires all the girls to wear white dresses to graduation. I am not sure how to wear a white dress or what to wear with one without making it look as though I am going to church. I have a boyish shape so I need something that flatters me. I want to look cute and memorable for my last day of high school. Please help!

Congratulations on your graduation. High school graduation should be a memorable one and I for one believe that you have to look your very best. Do not let fashion restrictions prevent you from looking your chicest. I am not sure why schools insist on wearing white but I remember I had to wear white for my graduation as well. The first thing you must remember is that you have to be comfortable in what you wear because it will be photographed by everyone and plastered all over Facebook for the world to see. You don’t have to blend in wearing white.

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You have so many options this year in dresses that you can wear more than once. In order to set yourself apart from the crowd, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Gold accessories, silk scarves and head bands are perfect for a white dress. You should also remember that unless your last name starts with an A, you will be standing up for a while as you wait for your name to be called to the stage. Opt for kitten heels or flats then switch to heels for your after party.