Victoria’s Secret 100-way Strapless Convertible Bra

I have wished for a day when I would have just one bra that allowed me to wear any type of outfit I wished. I guess today is the day. Victoria has a new secret and it’s one that I want to spill to everyone woman out there. The company came out with the 100-way convertible bra last year and though I was a bit skeptical, I bought one in January to see if it really could convert into 100 different options. I have worn this bra about 50 times and each time, I am amazed that it gives me the right support without the straps or the cups showing. I got it in the leopard print because I like having fun with my underwear. I have so many halter tops and dresses so the halter style option is what I usually set the bra on. The bra comes with regular, halter and a low-back converter strap to wear underneath backless styles.This bra is a must have in your closet for this season’s one shoulder, deep plunge back and halter styles. I must say this is the best $56 I have spent on a bra.
What outfit are you wearing today? Plunge, two-strap, one-shoulder, racerback, crossback, boatneck, crisscross front, halter…..the possibilities are endless.

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  1. Can I ask you what size bra you are? I'm debating about getting this and getting mixed reviews on the subject of support… which is a big deal for me as a 34D. my e-mail is bronwyn.marie@gmail.com if you have any tips or heads up about it! thanks!

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