Tom Ford Thinks Obama Could Dress Better!

April 16, 2008


Fashion has played a big role in the recent presidential campaigns. I remember when all the 2004 presidential hopefuls started sporting Vineyard Vines ties. Some even went as far as designing their own ties. This year’s candidates are stepping up and looking sharp. I know it’s tough sometimes for Hillary because the media puts so much attention on what she is wearing, her hair cut, lipstick shade etc. Man it’s tough to be a woman these days. Fret not Hill. Designer Tom Ford thinks Obama’s suits need a complete overhaul. Gasp! The designer told British Vogue that the junior senator from Illinois needs better fitting suits.

“I think he’s a great-looking guy but I think his suits don’t fit him very well. I think he’s a terrific potential presidential candidate and I’m very excited as a Democrat, so Hillary or Obama, I like both options. I wouldn’t mind dressing Obama. I wouldn’t say he’s badly dressed, but he could sharpen up his look a little better,” says Ford. Hmm…I think Mr. Obama is a sharply dressed man but there is always room for improvement.

I know we should be discussing the issues but fashion is important for our Commander-in-Chief. He or she has to be sharply dressed to meet other world leaders. I for one want a president who puts thought into what he or she wears and how it looks. We need to bring grandeur back to the White House. I mean common we need a Jackie O and a Kennedy. Tom Ford, perhaps you should try to get a presidential appointment as the Secretary of Style & Design. I can see it now, vintage Gucci cuff links, shoes and suits for the Mr & Mrs. President of the United States. Yowza.




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