Bringing Sexy Back to Eco-Friendly Accessories

Feeling guilty about being a contributor to Global Warming? It’s all over the news, magazines, Internet and even on bus adds and you are now starting to realize that you should be doing something about Global Warming. Sure you are only one person but you can’t take the guilt anymore. So what can you do? As a fashionista, you’ve made a promise to the world, “I will no longer wear clothes that are not made of environmentally friendly materials.” Good for you lady. I hope it doesn’t mean a complete overhaul of your Gucci, Chanel, Oscar and the slew of other designers duds you have invested in over the years. You are also worried about environmentally friendly clothing being frumpy and unsexy.

I’ve got news for you Miss. Glam. Wake up and smell the organic coffee because designers are embracing the green culture and making beautiful pieces with organic materials, bamboo and other sustainable materials but focusing on the aesthetics of it. They’ve figured it out. In order for you to go green, you have to love the item you are wearing. In the upcoming seasons and years, you will see a lot more fashionable green clothing. Say hello to Heather Heron, your Green handbag fairy Godmother. Heron just launched her self titled handbag line made of environmentally sustainable materials. Crafted and manufactured in Los Angeles, the Heather Heron bag collection are made of organic European hem and hemp silk. These beautiful bags come in an assortment of textures including snake print. She’s bringing the sexy back to Eco-friendly. These bags make it easy to stick to your resolution to go green. So go ahead mama and rock that frock or bag with confidence.

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    Great bags!

    Sourcing unique eco friendly styles: necklaces, bracelets and hair accessories from the beauty of tropical rainforests.

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