Splurge or Steal: Balenciaga

Imitation is the best form of flattery so it’s no wonder that high end looks end up in mass retail stores for the masses. Steve Madden just released two shoes inspired by the Balenciaga fall shoe collection. If you want to look like a Transformer or even a legoman then this show is for you. The Balenciaga Opened Toed Cage Sandals with Ankle Pads retails for $4,175, while the Steve Madden’s sell for just $99.95. I love the original but with my limited supply of funds, I will be checking out Steve Madden for a variation of that look.

Remember the Jenni from the Block video where J.Lo wore the Timerland boot heels? Flashback nightmares! I swore to myself I would never wear those horrendous boots and I stayed true to my word. Balenciaga brought back the look with these Open Toe Lace up Boots, $4,175. I hope I never see these shoes on anyone and I mean anyone. I don’t even care if you are SJP. For those that actually think this is cute and sexy, you can find the knockoffs at Steve Madden. The Bombb by Steve Madden retails for $149.95. The name is so befitting because it is a total BOMB.