Shoe designer Anyi Lu is saving our soles one foot at a time. The former ballroom dancer and chemical engineer turned designer knows a thing or two about painful shoes. Lu designed the patent pending “Anyi Lu Fit” to improve shoe wearability. All her shoes have stitched a sock-like bottom known as Sachettoe construction. This allows the shoe to conform to the bottom of the foot, eliminating mounted construction of traditional shoes. This makes the shoes light, comfy and flexible. I am all about some comfy shoes. Below are some of my favorites from her collection. Anyi Lu shoes are available at Norsdstrom and small boutiques nationwide.


  1. Great job!! Really a good design. Got the designer Anyi Lu shoes from Nordstrom last month. Those are really very comfy and adorable.

  2. You got to check out Style-N-Comfort.com; great bargains on Anyi lu shoes…

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