Weleda Body Oil

I hate dry ashy skin, especially in the winter. During the winter time, I go through about two bottles of lotion; however, there are other times that I opt for body oils. Body oils are great for moisturizing right after the shower and personally, it gets absorbed faster and keeps the skin supple for hours. I know what you are thinking, ‘eeww body oils are greasy and stain your clothes.’ Not so I tell ya. Body oils are no longer for just massages and sun tanning.

I just discovered a skin care line that I am absolutely crazy about,Weleda Body Oil kit. The kit comes with six essential body oils. For just $12, you get a travel size bottle of the Sea Buckthorn Body Oil, Lavender Relaxing Body Oil, Birch Cellulite Oil, Arnica Massage Oil, Wild Rose Body Oil and the Citrus Refreshing Body Oil. I use the Wild Rose body oil after showers and I must say I am impressed in how good the oil feels on my skin. The oil seeps into the skin and seals in moisture giving me an ashy-free day. I use the Arnica body oil on my cuticles; yes that is part of the body.

The company uses pure plant extracts to make its products and best of all, they are environmentally friendly. Through the Fair Trade Agreements, the company works with local farmers to help them to convert their conventional farms into sustainable, organic agriculture. Do your body and the environment some good.