M2 by Mary Margrill ‘I Am Loved’ Necklace

Fashion with a purpose? What a concept. I received an unforgettable get well package from my dad. Dad sends me jewelry all the time but this one is different. I have been feeling a little helpless and depressed since my injury. I guess he didn’t want to see his little girl upset so he sent me the M2 by Mary Margrill ‘I Am Loved’ necklace. The 14K gold necklace comes with two linked discs with inspirational phrases on them. Dad is a diamond guy and it does not surprise me that the ‘i’ in the is dotted with a 3/4 diamond. Now I don’t need a necklace to make me feel loved; however, wearing this is a constant reminder that no matter how I am feeling, someone cares.

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  1. aaawww, that’s so sweet of your dad! and the necklace is just very lovely! you are very lucky to have a thoughtful and loving father. not everyone has, you know. and not every father can afford to give her daughter such a beautiful piece of jewelry with such a heartwarming message.

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