Wrap Me Up!

Winters in Washington, DC are so unpredictable. One day the temperature will be 20 degrees fahrenheit, the next will be 75 degrees fahrenheit. On those cool crisp autumn-like weather, nothing beats wrapping up in a cozy cashmere pashmina or a cardigan. I have pashminas in just about any color you can imagine, however, the one item I prefer on cool days is my BCBG cardi-wrap. A Cardi-wrap is a cardigan with extra long ends that can be wrapped around to keep you warmer. This of it as multiplying your wardrobe for the price of just one item. To date, I have about six of these in a hunter green, baby pink, yellow, black, cream crochet and red. Yes, I am addicted. The cardi-wrap is very handy. Grab a couple on your vacay to the Barbados and wrap yourself in luxury on cool nights on the beach, at a cozy dinner or just around town with jeans and a tank top.The cardi-wrap is versatile. It can double as a cute top to a bikini, a cropped sweater or just a shawl. Vamp it up by adding a brooch or a pin to cover up a little bit more and add an air of elegance. I love BCBG’s and Sonya Madden’s cardi-wraps, which you can get at the BCBG store in Georgetown and the Henry Bendel store respectively, however, other brands make them as well. Nordstrom carries Collection XIIX wraps. The wraps are avaible in various fabrics, from cashmere to cable knits and jersey.