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Glam Girl Tip: Leather Card Case for Business Cards

In a city filled with so many business professionals, one must carry business cards at all times. Why? I doubt you want to give your personal number to everyone you meet. It irks me when I see people rummage through their bag to find a freakin’ business card. Arg. Give me a break. In this day and age, if you’ve managed to become a professional, then you MUST travel in style. That means everything on your person needs to be in its rightful place. Business cards SHOULD, I repeat, SHOULD be carried in a card case. Having your business card in a card case not only makes you look more important and put together, it also allows you to find it your cards faster. Instead of buying the generic silver card case, why not show some personality with a leather case or a splash of color and you initials.

Check out a couple of these card cases from About Attitude. The cases come in a variety of colors, prints (think zebra! yowza), fabrics. I love the leopard print case. If you are a cougar, I don’t suggest you carrying a leopard printed card case; that would certainly ring the alarm. I love the lavender and the snakeskin cases. The case holds about 35 cards. Take your pick at some of the fun colors and prints and at only $35 each, you can afford to get a few different colors and prints to match your outfits. So go ahead with your bad self.