Cal’uka St. Tropez Collection

I like the finer things in life, well who wouldn’t? Jet setting off to London for a weekend? CHECK. Dinner with hot guy? CHECK. Having everything my little heart desires? Uhhh NO CHECK. I love anything Italian, be it Italian food, Italian shoes (hey Luciano Padovan), Italian handbags, Italian Men. It seems that Italy has the best of everything.

Camilla, Ludovica and Carolina, three sisters are redefining Italian lux with their accessories line called Cal’uka St. Tropez. The girls used to spend summers lingering under the St. Tropez sun and because of it’s captivation, they decided to launch Cal’uka to immortalize St. Tropez. Hand crafted in Italian workmanship and design, the collection evokes exoticness (if that’s even a word). What’s in the collection you ask? Clutches and totes and belts! Oh MY! The entire collection is reasonably priced. I love the bow on this red clutch/bag and why shouldn’t I? It’s so hot and a showstopper. Splash some color to your drab winter wardrobe with the belt and bag combo. I love the leather handbag as well. What can I say, I am a sucker for accessories to match my shoe library. Visit Cal’uka St. Tropez for your own haute look. Don’t forget to go for the red you Vixen.Can’t afford a Chloe Paddingon? Get the next best thing,